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TYPO3 is a powerful and versatile content management system (CMS). With an estimated 500,000 installations worldwide, it is one of the leading content management systems for businesses.

TYPO3 is used in particular by large and mid-sized companies to create websites.

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As a CMS agency we often use TYPO3.

Especially when complex, powerful and flexible solutions are required. Because those are TYPO3’s strong points, especially when it comes to usability and range of functions. We’d like to introduce you to some of the functions:

With our TYPO3 agency you save No licensing fees

As opensource software, TYPO3 is licensed under the GPL (General Public License), meaning that no licensing costs apply.

An active, international community of developers ensures that the system is continually developed and improved, allowing you to benefit from free enhancements and system updates.

Few requirements by our TYPO3 agency

You  don’t need any  special template packages or website design requirements for TYPO3 projects. Any requirement that can be implemented using common web standards can also be integrated into TYPO3.

So as an agency we can focus on your requirements in detail and develop bespoke websites. 

Easy content management with no need for special software

It’s really easy to maintain your website with TYPO3 CMS via any web browser with no HTML or programming knowledge. You’re very familiar with Word or similar text editors?

Very good. Then you’ll find TYPO3 just as easy to use. And we’ll also provide you with a helpful guide.

Not to mention a basic training session on the most important functions, so you can get started in the TYPO3 backend even more quickly.

Automatic publication

You want a blog post to be published at a certain time, down to the last second? Even that is no problem for TYPO3, and you’ll pick it up quickly. When you start creating a piece of content, the editing system offers you the option of publishing later.

This allows you to prepare content in advance and then publish it completely automatically at a time that suits you. So it’s ideal for frequently visited online magazines, blogs or FAQ pages.

Onsite SEO made easy

Easy-to-use functions enable you to optimize your content, also for search engines. For example, you no longer need complex programming knowledge to maintain metadata, and you can optimize your content more easily.

A full range of administrative functions

Many editing systems can be very basic. This usually becomes clear when you try to map multiple editors or users with different authorizations.

Because lots of user management systems have only very simple – or rudimentary – functionality.

TYPO3, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. You can easy set up your website so that multiple people can access it. And you specify who is allowed to access which area, and with which authorization.

Not only can you control individual read, write and editing access,  but you can also view changes in the log and reverse them if required.

Mädchen vor zwei Monitoren entwickelt TYPO3 Website


TYPO3 differentiates clearly between your website’s content and layout. It means that you can make changes or graphical alterations much more easily, because your content will always be look the same.

Even content written by different editors or authors is displayed in a consistent layout.

You can rest assured that your corporate identity will always be maintained, even with the smallest changes to your website.

Multiple languages

You want to deliver content in multiple languages? TYPO3 offers almost endless possibilities. You simply add a new page structure to your existing one, with the language you require, as many times as you want.

TYPO3 allows you configure as many languages as you need for your website. And all you need to do is translate the content.

Even your editors have a great deal of freedom with the choice of language. They can choose which language to use in the backend, selecting from up to 30 different language packages.

Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.

Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.
Whether you need a sophisticated website, a large webshop or a complex web application, you can contact us in whatever way suits you best.

We look forward to forging ahead with your project. Perhaps you can even drop in and visit us here in Augsburg. Our coffee is as good and reliable as our software. Just the way we like it.

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