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It’s quick and it’s easy! Our text analysis tool helps you analyse and optimize your texts, quickly determining how readable they are. So it’s great for content SEO. You can use our text analysis tool for free. For as long as you like and with no annoying ads.


Let’s get started!

Our SEO content tool delivers various key figures in the blink of an eye. For example the number of words, characters and sentences used. It will also display the reading time for your texts.

Good SEO content means readable copy. Th Flesch value will tell you how readable your texts are.

Good SEO content contains important keywords. You can check these using our text analysis tool. You’ll be able to find out the frequency or density of your keywords in the text. The colour shows you whether there’s still room for improvement, or if your text is optimized for the right keywords.

You can also go into more depth by using the expert settings. They’ll tell you the length of your words and sentences. 

Any questions about the text analysis tool? Or do you need help with optimizing your texts? 

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Notes on data storage:
The text analysis tool transfers the data you enter to our web server using a secure SSL connection. Your data is only processed during the analysis process and is not stored in the long term.