What re­mains when you’ve fixed all the bugs from the modular system? Be­spoke web­sites.

Are you dream­ing of a web­site that show­cases your pro­ducts and services perfect­ly? We’re always up for the chal­lenge!

From eye-catch­ing design to complex web functions, we’ll help you develop a concept that meets your needs as well as your clients’, combin­ing technical intel­ligence with an attrac­tive look and feel.

We’ll give you a customiz­ed web presence in a complete pack­age.

  • Flaw­less techno­logy
    We’ll create your web­site in line with top technical standards. Your on­line shop, too.
  • Skilled consult­ing 
    We’ll share our expert ad­vice on creat­ing web­sites and online shops. Our happy customers speak for them­selves.
  • Status quo and fol­low­ing your dreams
    We always start our re­launch pro­jects by analys­ing the web­site or online shop and defin­ing the require­ments for your new online pre­sence.
  • Unique and user-focused
    We’ll come up with a unique design for your web­site, giv­ing you a concept that suits not only your web pre­sence, but also you and your customers. 
  • And once your web­site is up and run­ning?
    We’ll stay by your side to take care of main­tenance, up­dates, and all that other techni­cal stuff.
Mädchen sitzt vor zwei Monitoren und erstellt Websites

Looking for a new web­site or per­haps a new design? Then go this way!

Web design

The art of good web design is keep­ing track of all sorts of dif­ferent factors, many of them crucial. We not only em­brace the rules of design, we also keep our eye on im­portant as­pects that play a role on the inter­net.

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Website development/Relaunch

A web­site relaunch is a complete­ly new look for your web­site. The goal is to make your web­site more user-friendly, show­case your content and focus more on what you want your web­site to achieve.

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Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.

Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.
Whether you need a sophisticated website, a large webshop or a complex web application, you can contact us in whatever way suits you best.

We look forward to forging ahead with your project. Perhaps you can even drop in and visit us here in Augsburg. Our coffee is as good and reliable as our software. Just the way we like it.

Send request  08 21 / 99 95 910 info@mpunkt.com