This is how it works at mpunkt digital agency.

  1. You call us at mpunkt and we schedule an appointment at our office in Augsburg or at your location if you prefer. Or you contact us with a project request and we send you some exciting use cases!
  2. First of all, we look at you company’s current status. Which digital solutions might be useful for you? How can we support you as a digital agency?
  3. We get to know each other. The chemistry has to be right – we need to trust each other. We want to work with you as a team.
  4. We love hearing the ideas and wishes you have for your planned digital solution. We work on the basic concept together. At the end of the meeting, we and you are better informed, motivated and digitally inspired.
  5. We’ll send you a bespoke quote, perfectly tailored to take account of what you need – and what you don’t. No unnecessary frills. 
  6. Quote accepted. Hurrah! Let’s get this digital show on the road! Depending on the scale of the project, we might meet up once more to talk everything through. Or we simply get started at our digital agency in Augsburg.
  7. We’ll keep you informed about what’s happening and what we’re working on. You won’t always be able to access it right away, but we’ll keep you posted. You’ll always know what’s happening and our project lead will be available to answer your questions.
  8. That’s it! The first test version of your digital project is finished and is available to you on a test server. Now you can click through and try things out to your heart’s content. We’ll solve any browser or device problems in the background and will test your digital project thoroughly.
  9. Everything done. Are you happy? Then we are too. So let's get on the starting blocks. Your digital project goes LIVE and you can now make full use of it.
  10. Digital solution complete! You’re happy. We’re happy.
    HAPPY END <3.




As a digital agency we’ll keep thinking!

We won’t just disappear. You can rely on us. Anytime. Simply google us: digital agency mpunkt.

Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.

Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.
Whether you need a sophisticated website, a large webshop or a complex web application, you can contact us in whatever way suits you best.

We look forward to forging ahead with your project. Perhaps you can even drop in and visit us here in Augsburg. Our coffee is as good and reliable as our software. Just the way we like it.

Send request  08 21 / 99 95 910