Your (ideal) web application? Our pleasure!

A well though-out web development will advance your business, and not only in the digital world.

Because optimizing your processes is always a power move. Save resources, simplify work processes and keep an eye on the big picture.

Your bespoke web development well thought-out right from the start

We apply our solid development skills to make your very own web application come to life. Web-based, and therefore reachable from everywhere. And just how you want it.

For instance, we could develop your own project planner. Or, to make another suggestion, a document manager for a paperless office.

Your new web application can also be integrated with your existing software. This allows data to be exchanged automatically. Which means less work for you...

Your web application creates optimized processes

We’ll also be happy to advise you on process optimization while we’re working on it. Together, we’ll have a close look at your company, to identify the places where things can be tweaked and which processes have potential for a web application. Because simplified processes save one thing above all: time – and therefore money!

We’ll grant your every wish, optimizing processes until they’re just right.

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Web-based software

Our web programmers and project leads help you develop a system that will make your work processes more structured and efficient,
allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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Apps are our day-to-day friends, helpers and companions.

And not only big global players have recognized that. Many small and mid-sized companies see the benefits that apps can offer.

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Wikis and intranets

An intranet is a network of computers that works like the internet but is only open to those inside the company – it’s not public. Perfect for you and your staff!

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Document manager 2.0

Digitalization in human resources. Create order and gain time? Digitalize personnel consultations. Word templates? They’re a thing of the past. Today it’s all about creating automated text documents!

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Web development and data protection

Your data is our top priority. So when we’re building your web application, we keep data security top of mind. Automatic backups ensure that your web application and data are kept secure at all times.

Another very important aspect of web development is how we handle your data. We promise to treat it carefully and discreetly, for instance using SSL certificates for an encrypted connection. Password-protected log-in screens are another way of protecting yourself against unauthorized access.

There’s a lot more that we take into consideration. But since it's about security here... shhh... it might be better to talk about it in person over a cup of tea or coffee.

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Benefits of having your own web development

Web development is about programming a software solution. It’s just that you can access it from a web browser. That has several benefits:

  • Usable across platforms!
    Software developed for the web is reachable anytime, anywhere. Regardless of whether the web application has to be accessed from your new colleague’s computer or even from your smartphone when you’re out and about.
  • Save money!
    Your web development works without licensing fees and is not restricted to a certain number of users.
  • Perfectly packaged!
    A web development provides exactly what you need. No more and no less. No unnecessary features or hidden costs for additional packages.
  • Web development by experts
    Your web application is programmed to be smart and streamlined. Which guarantees you a rapid loading time and therefore smooth usage – with nothing to cause frustration.
  • Installations cost money and therefore time
    Our web development won’t need you to spend that time, and you won’t need to pay someone to install it everywhere. Simply open your web browser and get started!
  • Software installed – hard drive full?Does that sound familiar? It won’t happen with a web application. Because nothing needs to be stored on your computer. You’ll still have enough space for the important things – yeah!
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The path to your web application

  1. Every web application starts with an idea.Or often with a problem that needs solving. We offer tailored advice and answer all your web development questions. Together we’ll put together a strategy that helps you reach your goals over the long term and to your full satisfaction.
  2. Our agency is fully committed to creating a web application that meets your requirements.
    We’ll go into your idea in more depth in a one-to-one conversation. What’s the issue?
  3. What do you hope to improve with a web application?
    We help you define your needs and goals. So that you can use your potential efficiently.
  4. We might even have additional ideas.
    We’ll talk about them and put together a concrete plan. We’ll take the context into account and think ahead. Is there something you haven’t thought of yet?
  5. What connections are there within your company?
    Or would the web application also be useful for external users?
  6. Let’s go!
    After we’ve developed a promising strategy together, our experienced web designers will get straight to work. We’ll develop your tailored and high-performance web application, taking your corporate design into account.


Interested in developing your own web application? Ask our experts for advice – with no obligation. Get in touch

Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.

Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.
Whether you need a sophisticated website, a large webshop or a complex web application, you can contact us in whatever way suits you best.

We look forward to forging ahead with your project. Perhaps you can even drop in and visit us here in Augsburg. Our coffee is as good and reliable as our software. Just the way we like it.

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