Wikis and intranets for internal communication

An intranet is a network of computers that works like the internet. The difference is that it can be used independently,
and it’s only open to those inside the company – it’s not public.

Unlike with the internet, the goals and use of the intranet are defined by the network operator.

The intranet and his benefits

  • Various application areas and possibilities
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Quick, reliable communication channels
  • Improved workflow
  • Data is stored centrally
  • Accessible quickly and easily via the browser
  • Digitalization of work processes

Good to know Intranet facts

What is an intranet used for?

Generally, companies with extensive structures or spread across multiple locations will have an intranet, so that every employee can receive current information quickly and easily.

There are different options and ways to use an intranet. Bigger companies usually integrate internal databases into an intranet. This enables them to optimize internal procedures, as they can control, access or process data even more quickly.

Who can benefit from an intranet?

In most cases intranets are used by large companies or authorities. Because organizations with lots of employees often find that it’s hard to keep information flowing. An intranet can help maintain a good communication structure.

But intranets are becoming an interesting option for SMEs, too. Because in times of digitalization or working from home, digital cooperation is more and more important. An intranet is a fantastic way of keeping communication channels open. In spite of physical distance.

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What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website where you can provide content to be read. Wiki content can also be edited by users.

A wiki can be part of an intranet. It’s a way of sharing information quickly.

For instance, organizations can share internal expertise with their staff. Many companies use a wiki as part of a knowledge management system in their intranet. 

Registered users can communicate with each other and exchange information.

Do you need a technical framework?

The prerequisite for an intranet is that the intended users are within a specified network. If you want to build an intranet for your company, for instance, you will need various hardware components in order to establish it. That includes powerful servers and suitable devices for users.

Those devices can be desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. Information/data can then be exchanged using various transfer protocols (HTTP or TCP). This is even possible when employees are in different locations (e.g. at a field office). They can then access the intranet via a VPN tunnel.

So an intranet can only be accessed by selected participants (e.g. all of a company’s employees). Specifically, that means that you need to create and assign access rights for each user. To increase access security, all intranet participants go through a log-in process. That usually involves entering a username and password.

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Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.
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