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If you drive a vintage Ford, Motomobil is THE company you need. With more than 50,000 items in their warehouse in Zorneding, near Munich, they keep many a precious old vehicle running. 

What’s unusual is that Motomobil has been developing its own ERP system for years. The tricky thing about it is that the usual shop software choices can only be integrated with a huge effort. On top of that, Motomobil wants to equip not only the shop, but also the whole website with exciting functions such as a forum

In close consultation with the client, we decided on a customized solution that has now been relaunched as version 2.0.


Online shop with member forum and gallery.

Design, development, consulting

Content management system TYPO3


To Motomobil’s webshop

Find the product you need

The shop’s detailed filter function allows users to search by manufacturer, model and lots more. So vintage car enthusiasts can find the exact spare part they’re looking for.

With a product preview showing availability and other details, they can complete their purchase quickly and easily. 

For users

The user account has some special functions. Users see how many bonus points they’ve already collected, and there’s also a list for items they want to keep their eye on.

What’s more, the system suggests similar products that complement the items being purchased.

Users need to register so they can use all the functions. 

Get into conversation

The focus here is not only on shopping, but also on chatting to other enthusiasts. So we programmed a forum for Motomobil in which all members can wax lyrical about their treasures. 


Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.

Interested in a project with mpunkt? We look forward to hearing from you.
Whether you need a sophisticated website, a large webshop or a complex web application, you can contact us in whatever way suits you best.

We look forward to forging ahead with your project. Perhaps you can even drop in and visit us here in Augsburg. Our coffee is as good and reliable as our software. Just the way we like it.

Send request  08 21 / 99 95 910

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